Hello! How are you? Welcome to our home, life and little spot on the map. My name is Voni. Our family is your pretty run of the mill family that has ups and downs like any family. My sweetheart Bob and I have been married 25 years this year. We are almost done raising our family and almost all of our children have left the coop. My husband and I run an ice manufacturing plant, currently are serving as LDS Family Service Addiction Recovery missionaries and have a passion for helping others overcome addiction. We have such a love for this work and know its possible to overcome because we’ve both done it.

Each day is a journey and our life is pretty real. Our marriage isn’t perfect and often requires a great deal of mutual toleration, a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ones self. (This usually comes after the fact.) We have quite the adventures in the kitchen together because we both insist we’re right at everything we do!┬áHe likes to turn my temperatures down while cooking and I like to turn his up. Honestly, it’s a riot. We both love baking and cooking, but have fallen off the home cooked band wagon and eat out way too much, hence the spare tire we’re both carrying around at present. (I’m determined to release mine over the next year!)

We love our faith and start fresh each day. We make plenty of mistakes for certain. A little at a time we are improving our home, life and relationship with each other and with God. This requires frequent repentance and forgiveness.

So what makes our home a haven? Honestly, it’s because we forgive often. We both have a lot of attitude and sass. I prefer an evening here in my home, quietly pondering an article or book while writing out my thoughts, or quietly expressing myself through art, over any other activity. I love stillness. It’s in these moments of stillness that I feel heavens door open. Rarely do I enjoy such moments without interruption. That’s the reality of life. Making our home a haven truly is a state of being, not a state of perfection. It’s about embracing life as it comes one day at a time with all its messy imperfections. It’s about being authentic, letting go and praying to know the priority in each day.

We’re both trained mentors and love personal development. I hope you enjoy our online classes, creativity ideas, cooking and baking tips, art ideas and most importantly that you find joy in who you are. Our invitation is to show up for yourself, stop comparing yourself to someone elses best, and find time to slow down, enjoy your own personal journey and create the life you desire.

One day at a time, we strive to make it through the storms of adversity that we all certainly face. Welcome to Home Haven. It’s what you make it.